The Rapid ResponseTM Multi-Drug Integrated Split Specimen Test Cup is a urine collection device with a built-in qualitative test panel for the simultaneous detection of multiple drugs and metabolites in human urine without specimen handling. It is intended for professional in vitro diagnostic use only. Interpretation of test results are: positive (one line), negative (two lines), invalid (no lines or no Control line); or the comparison of reaction pad color to the corresponding color blocks for the alcohol and adulteration strips.

The following built-in Specimen Validity/Adulteration Test Strips are available (1NA29 series):
• Oxidants
• Specific Gravity
• pH
• Nitrite
• Glutaraldehyde
• Creatinine

Custom combinations of any 2 to 12 drugs listed in the table below are available.
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Product Information
  • Product Code: D2.1-1K to D12.1-1K
  • Sample: Urine
  • Format: Cup
  • Integrated Test Cups
  • Product Insert
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