Product Information
  • Product Code: 01SLAN-18G-25
25 Lancets The easy to use Rapid ResponseTM Safety Lancet is one of the best ways to control cross-contamination and hospital acquired infections.

Safety Lancet Specifications:
• Suitable for blood drops of 50-200 microliters
• Needle 18G (1.5mm)
• Penetration depth - 1.8mm
• Sterile, single use only

BTNX Inc. strongly recommends this safety lancet for sample collection when using Rapid ResponseTM products related to the following :
• H. pylori
• Mononucleosis
• Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
• Hepatitis B surface antigen
• Hepatitis B surface antibody
• Hepatitis C
• Syphilis
• Troponin I
• Alpha Fetoprotein
• Prostrate Specific Antigen
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