Product Information
  • Product Code: FOB-9C36
  • Quantity: 36 Tests/ Kit
  • Sample: Fecal Sample
  • Format: Cassette
  • Sensitivity: 50 ng/mL (5 μg/g)
  • Specificity: Human Hemoglobin
  • Accuracy: 98.0%
  • Time-to-Result: 5 minutes
  • Storage Condition: 59-82°F/15-28°C
  • Test Principle: Lateral Flow Immunoassay
  • 36 Test Cassettes
  • 36 Specimen Collection Tubes with Extraction Buffer
  • Product Insert

The Rapid Response™ Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) Cassette is a rapid, qualitative test for the determination of human occult blood in feces, to aid in the early detection of gastrointestinal problems such as colorectal cancer. The test may be used during routine physical examinations, in hospitals to monitor patient bleeding, or as a screening tool for colorectal cancer or gastrointestinal bleeding from any source. Traditional guaiac-based methods to detect fecal occult blood lack sensitivity and specificity, and also have diet restrictions prior to testing. Unlike guaiac assays, the accuracy of this test is not affected by the diet of the patients. It is intended for in vitro diagnostic use only. Interpretation of test results are: positive (two lines), negative (one line), invalid (no lines or no Control line).

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