Product Information
  • Product Code: FYL-1CAP156-25
  • Quantity: 25
  • Sample: Urine
  • Format: Cassette
  • Time-to-Result: 5 minutes
  • Storage Condition: 2-30°C; 35.6-86°F
  • Test Principle: Lateral Flow Immunoassay
  • Test cassettes and droppers
  • Product insert

The Rapid Response™ Fentanyl Test Cassette is competitive binding, lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for qualitative detection of fentanyl in human urine at the cut-off concentration of 1 ng/mL. This single drug test cassette can provide accurate and fast results in 5 minutes.

The Rapid Response™ Fentanyl Test Cassette is CLIA Waived and for Point-of-Care in vitro diagnostic use only. 

  • Rapid and easy to use test for the detection of fentanyl in human urine.
  • Clear and easy to read detailed instructions.
  • Built-in procedural control on every cassette.
  • 5 minutes to read the results.
  • Test kit includes individually packaged test cassettes and pipette droppers.
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only. 

The Rapid Response™ Fentanyl Test Cassette is a rapid test based on the principle of competitive binding. Therefore, fentanyl that may be present in the urine specimen compete against the drug conjugate for binding sites on the antibody. A drug positive urine specimen will not generate a colored line in the specific test line region of the strip. A drug negative urine specimen will generate a line in the test line region.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid related to the phenylpiperidines.1 Fentanyl is approximately 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 times more potent than heroin.2 Fentanyl is commonly used for moderate to severe pain relief.3 As of 2018, fentanyl and its analogs are responsible for the majority of drug poisoning deaths in the United States. Due to the potency of fentanyl, fentanyl poses an extremely high drug poisoning risk especially when used with other drug substances.4 Continued use of fentanyl can lead to opioid use disorder.1

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