$25.00 per Kit ($5.00/Test)

Product Information
  • Product Code: FYL-18S7-5
  • Quantity: 5 Tests/ Kit
  • Sample: Liquid / Powder
  • Format: Strip
  • Sensitivity: 200 ng/mL
  • Specificity: Fentanyl
  • Accuracy: > 98%
  • Time-to-Result: 60 seconds*
  • Storage Condition: 2-30°C/36-86°F
  • Test Principle: Lateral Flow Immunoassay
  • 5 Individually packaged test strips
  • 5 Buffer tubes
  • 5 Swabs
  • Tube stand
  • Results interpretation card
  • Instructions for use

The Rapid Response™ Fentanyl (FYL) Test Strip Kit is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Fentanyl/ Norfentanyl in liquid and powder substances at the cut-off concentration of 200 ng/mL.

It is specific for Fentanyl screening with no significant cross reactivity to other opiates, such as Morphine and Heroin.

Interpretation of test results are: positive (one line), negative (two lines), invalid (no lines or no control line).

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found BTNX's Rapid Response™ Fentanyl Test Strips showed the lowest detection limit and highest accuracy among other fentanyl detection methods tested. Read the study here! 


The Rapid Response™ Fentanyl Test Strip Kit (Liquid / Powder) is an easy to use, dipstick test. It is a rapid, qualitative screening test that quickly and reliably detects Fentanyl at cut-off levels above 200 ng/mL. This drug test can provide accurate and fast results as soon as 1 minute. For forensic use only. Not an IVD.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid related to the phenylpiperidines that is commonly used for moderate to severe pain relief. Continued use of fentanyl can lead to opioid use disorder.

  • Detects Fentanyl in concentrations at an above 200 ng/mL
  • Results interpretation guide printed on the back of each pouch
  • Includes all materials required to test for Fentanyl in drug samples
  • Detects fentanyl analogues including: Carfentanil, Acetyl Fentanyl, Valeryl Fentanyl, Remifentanil, Butyryl Fentanyl, Fentanyl, Ocfentanil, Sufentanil, p-Fluoro Fentanyl, Furanyl Fentanyl, 3-Methyl Fentanyl

* A negative result can be interpreted as soon as both the test (T) and control (C) lines appear. A positive result can be interpreted once the control line has appeared and the background has cleared to white, typically by 60 seconds. Do not read results after 10 minutes.

  • The test device is NOT intended to determine the purity, composition, or if the substance being examined is safe to use.
  • A positive or negative test result is NOT an indication that the substance being examined is safe to use. Many factors come into play when examining the samples, including but not limited to mixture of multiple substances, solubility, and pH of the sample.
  • BTNX Inc. does not encourage the use, supply, or production of illegal drugs or controlled substances in any way. The device is intended for harm reduction purposes. Follow the advice of your local harm reduction or public health agency.
  • There are no direct therapeutic or diagnostic claims being made for this product. These tests are not involved in diagnosing, treating, mitigating, or preventing a disease, disorder, or symptom in human beings, nor do they restore, modify or correct a body structure, function of the human body.
  • There is a possibility that technical or procedural errors as well as other substances and factors may interfere with the Rapid Response™ Fentanyl Test Strip (Liquid / Powder) and cause false results.
  • A positive result indicates the presence of fentanyl only and does not indicate quantity.
  • A negative result does not at any time rule out the presence of fentanyl, as it may be present below the minimum detection level of the test.
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