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Product Information
  • Product Code: 02GLV-13
  • Quantity: 100 pcs./box

100 Size Medium Gloves

Our latex-free and powder-free nitrile gloves are the perfect choice for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin, providing excellent puncture resistance and tactile sensitivity for precision work. Designed with flexibility and a comfortable fit in mind, they are suitable for a wide range of professions and available in multiple sizes 

  • Latex-free and powder-free, ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin and allergies.
  • Smooth finish with textured fingertips for better grip and precision.
  • Features a unique royal blue color to minimize eye fatigue during extended use.
  • Excellent elasticity for long-term wear, offering a flexible and comfortable fit.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Healthcare and nursing
  • Law enforcement
  • Laboratories
  • Food service
  • General housekeeping
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